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Pokemon Brackets Now Up! Round 4!

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1 Pokemon Brackets Now Up! Round 4! on Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:04 pm


Rocket Grunt
Rocket Grunt
Yay! The brackets are now up for round 4! It is right below

This is a five round tourney so you should get to face everyone at least once.

Follow the rules on the sign up page:

You may switch teams after each round, the first round will begin today! Each round will last for 3 days; this should be enough for 3 games. Unless all the matches finish under 3 days we will move right to the next round!

Have Fun Y'all!

Participants: W-D-L
1. Xapieeer (Xapier2022) 1-0-3
2. Kirino Ranmaru 3-0-0
3. Gym Leader Nico (Bloody Kiss) 2-0-1
4. Spinda (E4 Duskin Charm) 1-0-2
5. Xaqairy Atlas (Xaqairy) 1-0-3
6. Shindou ♥️ (Rocket Executive Xiv) 2-0-1

UPDATE: Since we can now earn Pokedollars, time to make some bans:
Shell Smash
Constant Paralysis
Only 2 Pokemon with Substitute
Maybe more

Current Leader: Kirino

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2 Re: Pokemon Brackets Now Up! Round 4! on Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:21 pm

Sen Xaqairy

Pokémon Trainer
Pokémon Trainer
I finally win a match~ gg, Corey.

Thx, Xapier!

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