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Armand's Diary

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1Armand's Diary Empty Armand's Diary on Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:40 pm

i don't know what exactly happened, but when i woke up, i appeared in a dark... room? i'm not in my house, i don't know where i am... it's completely dark here and there's nothing, only darkness...
suddenly someone walks in, it appears to be a scientist... oh... i know what happened... some mad scientist kidnapped me to experiment on me. bad luck for them, since it's dark here, i have a chance to escape... if it wasnt because i can't see anything nor do i know how to exit this place...
suddenly the scientist appears in front of me!

Armand: fuck! i have to escape!

the scientist talks to me, seems like a nice person. i guess i was wrong, but then how did i get here? the scientist welcomes me to the "world of pokemon".

Armand: wait what? i know there are pokemon in this world, but isn't this the world of humans?

maybe i'm dreaming, that would explain why i'm in a dark room with literally nothing but darkness and the two of us.
the scientist introduces herself as "Professor Juniper".

Professor Juniper: this world is inhabited by mysterious creatures called pokemon

Armand: but everyone already knows that...
then the professor proceeds to talk about stuff everyone knows...
Professor Juniper: well, that's enough from me... could you tell me about yourself?
Armand: ehhh... sure?
Professor Juniper: Are you a boy? or a girl?
Armand: Wtf?
Professor Juniper: you're a boy, right?
Armand: ...
Professor Juniper: I'd like to know your name. please tell me.
Armand: ... Armand
Professor Juniper: your name is Armand?
Armand: i just said it...
Professor Juniper: so your name's Armand! what a wonderful name!

now i really want to know wtf am i doing here... and having the weirdest conversation in the most creepy place with a scientist that probably kidnapped me...

Professor Juniper: could you tell me about your friend? the one that lives nearby.
Armand: oh no! not Tony!
i decide not to say anything, the professor doesn't say anything either...
this isn't going anywhere... and i still dont know how to get out of here... fine, let's end this, she knows where we live anyway...
Professor Juniper: would you mind telling me his name?
Armand: ... his name's Tony
Professor Juniper: Tony?
Armand: yes...
Professor Juniper: Armand! i'm going to entrust you with a pokemon. i'm sure you will be great partners!
Armand: whoa! my first pokemon! and i got it for free!
Professor Juniper: the moment you choose your pokemon to accompany you on your journey, your story will begin
Armand: wait what? what journey... story? huh?
Professor Juniper: during your journey you will meet many different people and pokemon.
Armand: wait when did i say i agreed to travel around the world or whatever you think i'm gonna do?
Professor Juniper: i hope you learn what is important to you as a result of your travels... that's right! befriend new people and pokemon and grow as a person! that's the most important goal of your journey!
Armand: i didn't even agree to travel... and traveling around the world just to socialize with others isn't exactly "the most important goal of my life"

i had enough of this, i just wanted to go. but then i remembered the professor said she would give me my first pokemon... wait a second... she's going to give me my pokemon only if i agree to do that journey thing, right?
ugh >.< fine! i'll do it

Armand: ok... give me my pokemon so we can start the... journey?
Professor Juniper: let's go visit the world of pokemon!
Armand: huh? but we already... you mean another world with only pokemon? no humans? ok... hey wait! i don't have my pokemon yet! don't tell me we're going to the pokemon world to capture it...

that was the last thing i remember, i'm sure she gave me a sleeping pill or something because the next i remember is that it was morning and i was in my room.

Armand: damn... was that a dream? or...
i looked around, there were no pokemon, i had no pokeballs. i still don't have my pokemon.
Armand: yea, it must have been a dream
then mom comes home, were was she?
Armand: mom was out, hmmm, what time is it? did i woke up late again?
Mom: Armand, i'm home! Do you know Professor Juniper? she's a famous pokemon researcher
Armand: nope, never heard of her before, but that name sounds familiar...
wait a second... isn't that the scientist from last night? then it was real! D:
but then why don't i have my pokemon... did she really kidnapped me just for her weird experiments? AND THEN SHE DUMPED ME AND I DIDN'T GET MY POKEMON I WAS GONNA RECEIVE AS PAYMENT!!
Armand: THAT BITCH!!!
i couldn't hold it and i screamed that, luckily for me a truck passed nearby at that moment and mom couldn't hear me
Mom: she's an old friend of mine and she called for the first time in ages.
damn... good thing she didn't hear when i called her a bitch. thank you, whoever was driving that truck. hey, what was a truck doing here anyway? oh well, i'm thankfull the truck came just in time.
Mom: Armand, do you want to have a pokemon?
this sounds suspicious... i know the professor is behind this. but i had to play along if i wanted my pokemon...
Armand: of course!
then mom talks a bit about pokedexes, but i already knew about them.
Mom: you want a pokedex, right?
Armand: yea
Mon: Armand: your course of action has been set!
Armand: wait what
Mom: a girl named Bianca has come here to meet you
Armand: what does that have to do with... eh! we have been talking for a long time and no one is coming... or did you keep her waiting outside all this time? what's wrong with you?
Mom: she's professor Juniper's assistant
Armand: oh fuck! eh i mean... oh great!
Mom: i was told to look for a big green hat
Armand: uhh... ok? why are you telling me?
Mom: that's right, you're going to look for Bianca
Mom: and then you'll get a pokedex and a pokemon to be your partner
Armand: ... fine
Mom: oh, your Xtransceiver's in your bag, right?

Armand: ehh...
Mom: do you know how to open your bag?
Armand: wtf? yes i know how to open my bag
Mom: the girl's name is Bianca. i was told you should look for a big green hat
Armand: nope, you told me YOU were told to look for that
Mom: she might be lost because this is her first time here, go look for her!
Armand: Damn! what's wrong with you two? how did you and that professor think that it was a good idea to send someone to a completely unknown city all by herself?
poor Bianca, how dare that professor leave her in an unknown city without even a map... where did she left her anyway? when mom told me she was the professor's assistant, i thought she was willingly helping her in her experiments, but now i realize she's just another victim, just like me. but it's worse for her: if she's her assistant that means the professor forces her to do stuff and knows where she lives... oh fuck! the professor knows where i live too! and Tony!
first things first, i have to save Bianca.

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2Armand's Diary Empty Re: Armand's Diary on Wed Oct 10, 2012 1:00 am

I left the house, I’m going to save Bianca.
Moments later I find Tony and his sister. I tell him I’m looking for Bianca, but I don’t tell him about the professor. I don’t want to scare him or make him worry.
Tony’s Sister: Armand, if you get a pokemon, take good care of it, ok?
Armand: of course I will!
Tony: ok, let’s go get your pokemon!
There’s something I have to do but for that I need someone I can trust beside my pokemon. I’m talking about you! You seem like you’ve got good instincts!

Tony was right about my instincts, I knew the professor was a mad scientist and kidnapped people for her experiments as soon as I saw her.
Tony tells his sister to go home… is this something serious?
Tony: Alright, let’s go find Bianca
Armand: didn’t you said you have to do something first?
Tony: let’s go!
Armand: Tony…
Anyway, finding Bianca was the top priority.
Armand: wait, where are we going?
How would I find Bianca… I’ll find her no matter what, even if I have to look all over the city.
I found some people along the way, I asked them about Bianca, but they would always talk about unrelated stuff.
Armand: hey, don’t try to keep a conversation if you can’t. if you don’t know what I asked then just say it

I went to the pokemon center to look for her there.
Tony: wait, I was just in the pokemon center and there wasn’t anyone like that there.
Armand: huh? But I don’t even know how she looks like. Tony, do you know her?
Maybe Tony got distracted again, because he didn’t answer me. Hmm, maybe Tony knew everyone on the center and that’s why he knew none of them were Bianca. Ok then…
After a while, we go to the outlook.
Tony: oh, I get it! The outlook is Aspertia’s most famous spot! I bet Bianca is up there looking at the scenery!
Armand: but she’s not a tourist, she’s lost… ehh I mean… great idea Tony!
It was best not to tell him Bianca was lost because I’d have to explain everything. I don’t want Tony to suffer
Tony: C’mon! go get your pokemon already!
I forgot about it, I was going to get my first pokemon. So, we go to the outlook, and we find a girl with a big green hat. oh right, I was supposed to go find one of those. Hmm, should I ask that girl for her hat? What would I tell her?
Armand: hmm, that’s the only big green hat in the city, could that girl be working with the professor?
I approach her from behind, I was about to threaten her to throw her off the outlook and all the way down to kill her if she didn't tell me what was going on. But she notices me and starts talking.
Mysterious Girl: it’s so pretty! Don’t you agree?
Oh! My name is Bianca! I’m the assistant of professor Juniper.

Then WHY was I asked to go find a big green hat if Bianca already had one… I wanted to ask her, but I thought she probably doesn’t know.
Bianca: by the way, I’m looking for someone. Do you know a person named Armand?
Armand: that’s me
Bianca: oh wait, you’re Armand!
Armand: yep
Bianca: wow! You’re exactly like what I heard!
Armand: so professor Juniper has some information about me…
Well, of course she has. She knows my and Tony’s names and she knows where we live
Bianca: nice to meet you
Bianca doesn’t seem to be scared or anything. Maybe she got distracted by the scenery, or maybe she met some nice people who helped her earlier when she was lost.
Armand: I’m glad to see you’re ok
Bianca: I have a really important request to ask you: will you help us complete the pokedex?
Armand: eh, sure
Tony said I have good instincts, and once again he was right: as soon as Bianca asked me to complete the pokedex, I knew what was Juniper’s plan: she was giving us pokemon and force us to go in a journey to complete her pokedex for her.
Well, it could have been worse, and at least I’ll get my pokemon… unless that bitch lies to me again like she did last night, giving me a sleeping pill so she could dump me in my house without giving me my pokemon…

Bianca: thanks! Your support will help professor Juniper’s research move forward!
Armand: I’m sure of it…
Bianca: anyway, filling the pokedex is fun! Ok then, here is the pokemon that will be your partner.
Bianca shows me a case with 3 pokeballs, and there’s a pokemon in each of them.
Armand: whoa! 3 pokemon? I thought I’d only get one! Cool!
I picked the first, Snivy.
Bianca: is this the pokemon you want?
I didn’t understand the question, aren’t them mine anyway?
Armand: yes!
Bianca: oh, wow! You and Snivy are a perfect match!
Armand: thanks
Bianca: by the way, would you like to give a nickname to the pokemon you chose?
Armand: uhh, sure. I guess I should. Ok then, Snivy! Your name will be Sneak, do you like it?
Bianca: Sneak! Is that the nickname you want?
Armand: yep
Bianca: that is such a great name!
Now you got your pokemon, so I’ll give you this too: a pokedex, you want to know what it does? It automatically records the pokemon you encounter, so professor Juniper wants you to carry it, visit a lot of places and meet all the pokemon in the Unova region!

Armand: I KNEW IT!
So I was right: the professor wanted to force me to go in a journey to complete her pokedex and I received my pokemon as payment. Sneak looks ok, it seems the professor doesn’t experiment on pokemon… but then why’s she so interested in her pokedex? The only explanation I can think of is that Sneak has been with Bianca all this time.
Armand: well, glad to meet you, Sneak.
For some reason I think I’m forgetting something… I try to remember… oh right, now let’s see my other two pokemon.
Tony comes in screaming
Tony: heey! How long are you planning on keeping me waiting, anyway?
Armand: shit, I completely forgot you came with me… Tony I’m so sorry… I got distracted and…
Tony: hey! What’s that? So that’s your partner, huh? That’s great! My sister already said it, but take really good care of it, ok?
Armand: of course I will
Tony: what’s that?
Bianca: it’s a pokedex
Tony: please give me a pokedex too, I want to get stronger
Armand: what does a pokedex have to do with getting stronger?
Tony: if I have a pokedex I can learn more about pokemon, that’ll make me tougher, right?
Armand: oh, you’re right
Bianca: who are you?
Tony: I’m Tony! I’m going to travel Unova with my pokemon in order to search for something very important
Armand: important?
Maybe he refers to the pokedex… OH NO! Juniper kidnapped Tony too and made him start a journey to fill her pokedex like she did with me!
Bianca: well, ok. I don’t really get it but going on a journey is always good.
Hmm, Bianca seems to ignore Juniper’s plan. Well, she’s a victim like me and Tony, I guess I can’t really expect Juniper to tell her everything.
Bianca: anyway, I just happen to have another pokedex on me
That is way too suspicious, I know it, Juniper gave her another pokedex because she knew Tony would come with me… now that I think about it, I met Tony outside of my house as soon as mom told me to go look for Bianca. So Juniper has everything planned… and is mom helping her? She did say they are friends… oh fuck.
Bianca: it looks like pokemon distribution has really changed compared to two years ago, so the more, the merrier!
So there are more pokemon than before and Juniper is too lazy to fill the pokedex by herself… fine.
Bianca: you both have pokemon, right? Why don’t you have a pokemon battle?
Armand: eh, maybe later
Tony: let’s see how good a trainer you are!
Armand: wtf? Tony, you know I just got my first pokemon, how do you expect me to be any good? I don’t even know if my pokemon has battled before. And how tf do you expect me to be a good trainer if I literally haven’t had any time to train it?
Tony: I’ll use my Tepig that I raised from an egg!
Armand: Tony you’re not listening to me…
I was challenged by Tony, who expected me to be a good trainer when he perfectly knew this was my first battle, probably Sneak’s too, and we didn’t have any time to train… complete opposite of Tony who seems to have some experience and probably his pokemon too…
Armand: Fine. Let’s see… EH! I still don’t have my other pokemon. Bianca!
But it was too late, Tony sent his Tepig and the fight started
I sent Sneak to fight vs Tony’s Tepig, something doesn’t seem right… oh well, it’s my first battle, what do I know?
Sneak seems to know two attacks: leer and tackle
Armand: Sneak, have you been in a battle before?
Tepig attacked Sneak, two attacks landed and one of them seemed like it was a critical hit. Sneak almost fainted, but meanwhile, Sneak was lowering Tepig’s defense. After a while, Sneak tackled Tepig two times and Tepig fainted.
Armand: huh? Defeated with just 2 tackles? What kind of training did you have, Tony?
No, wait. Is not Tepig, is Sneak! Sneak is very strong! Tackling his opponent 2 times was enough, and it was our first fight!
Tony: I won’t forget the pain you just put my partner through!
Armand: wtf Tony? You started it and you know perfectly well that we’re newbies
Tony: I won’t let myself forget this frustration…
Armand: Tony, don’t feel bad, Sneak is strong, is not your fault.
Tony gave me 500 dollars…
Armand: huh? What’s this for?
Tony: I lost… this is different than battling wild pokemon.
Armand: now that I think about it, I’ve heard something like “when a trainer is defeated, they have to give some of their money to the winner” HEY! I don’t have any money, what was I supposed to do if I lost?
Tony: I’m just happy to know you’re a trainer I can count on.
Armand: ehh, ok
After that, Tony went to his house
Bianca: the pokemon on both sides did their best, but this little one is still weak, so battle with it and make it stronger!
Armand: wtf? Weak? He defeated an experienced opponent IN TWO HITS ON HIS VERY FIRST FIGHT!!
Bianca: all righty, let’s go make your pokemon better at the pokemon center, it’s the best place for pokemon who battle and get hurt
Armand: oh, that’s right. Sneak received a critical hit.
Bianca takes me to the pokemon center
Bianca: the pokemon center is the same no matter where you are
Armand: you mean every city has one pokemon center and they all look the same?
Bianca: let’s go inside. Ok, I’ll show you around the pokemon center
Armand: thanks, but I live in this city, I’ve been here before
Bianca starts explaining… maybe she didn’t hear me. Or maybe she’s still scared from Juniper making her get lost and just wants me to keep her company. Ok.
Anyway, we got Sneak healed.
Bianca starts explaining about the PC. The PC is for trainers so I never bothered to learn about them, and I just become a trainer myself, I guess I’ll had to use one sooner or later
Armand: oh, I didn’t knew this! Thanks!
After explaining about the shop (which I already knew) Bianca gives me some pokeballs.
Armand: oh, that’s right! You still have my other two pokemon, right? Let’s see them
Bianca: next up! I’ll show you how to use those pokeballs!
Now that I became a trainer, this is something I should know
Armand: ok, but after that you give me my other pokemon, ok?
Bianca: follow me!
Armand: you didn’t answer me…
Bianca leaves and I follow her, but as soon as we leave the pokemon center we find mom and Tony’s sister.
Mom: oh, I almost forgot! Take these! They’re running shoes!
Armand: thanks
Mom: a perfect fit! I’ll read the instructions for you
Armand: huh? What kind of instructions could a shoe have? Instructions on how to put them? I’m already using them…
Mom: hold the B button to run faster than normal. Put on the running shoes and race around to your heart’s content!
Armand: what button? I don’t see any button…
hmm… my instincts tell me that button is inside the shoes and I push them with my feet when I’m using the shoes. If that’s how it is… I guess I’ll get used to it.
Tony’s Sister: this is from me!
Tony’s sister gave me a map
Armand: oh thanks! i… hey!! This is a map of the town… this town… where we live… why would I need a map of my own town? Oh well, I’ll give it to Bianca
Bianca: why are there two maps?
Tony’s Sister: I want you to give the other one to my big brother!
Armand: weren’t you with him earlier? Why didn’t you give it to him then?
Mom: if you use a town map, you’ll know all about what the Unova region is like!
Armand: mom… it doesn’t work like that. Aspertia is here, the little town where we live. Unova is the whole country.
Bianca: C’mon! I’ll teach you how to catch a pokemon!
alright, it's time to learn how to catch pokemon. i follow Bianca...

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3Armand's Diary Empty Re: Armand's Diary on Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:18 pm

When I go to route 19, some random guy stops me
Worker: Armand! You can’t go without… oh? You’re with Snivy!
Ok, this is a going-away gift, take it!

Armand: who are you? Ehh, anyway, thanks for the potion… it’s free, right?
Bianca: hey! This way!
I left before the worker asked me for money, good for me ;)
Bianca: the pokedex fills up automatically when you meet pokemon, and when you catch one, more detailed information on it is added to the pokedex
Armand: gotta catch ‘em all?
Bianca: here, I’ll show you how to catch a pokemon! Starting… NOW!
Bianca walks into the grass and finds a wild Purrloin, she sends a Lillipup.
A wild Purrloin vs a trained Lilipup, something doesn’t seem right, but what do I know? I’ve only fought once.
Lillipup tackled Purrloin and almost killed it, then Bianca captured it in a pokeball.
Bianca: first, go find a healthy pokemon to catch. It’s best to lower the pokemon’s HP before you try to catch it.
Armand: catch them when their LP is low, got it.
Hey wait! Then why did you tell me to find healthy pokemon? Wouldn’t it be easier to find hurt ones? Since I have to lower their HP anyway…

Bianca: use your pokemon’s moves to lower the HP of the pokemon you want to catch
Armand: that’s what I’m saying, why do I have to find a healthy pokemon? Isn’t it easier to find one with low HP already?
Bianca: making it fall asleep or paralyzing it will make it even easier to catch!
Armand: you didn’t answer me… hmm, sleeping pokemon are easier to catch… maybe I should look for them at night when they’re sleeping…
Bianca: you’re going to deliver the town map to your friend, right? Continue straight this way to get to Floccesy town.
Armand: why would me or Tony need a map of our own town…?
But how should Bianca know? It was Tony’s sister who gave me the maps.
Bianca: Bye! Meet lots of pokemon and catch lots of them, ok?
Armand: sure, I will.
Bianca leaves and I head for Floccesy town. Oh wait, I just remembered, I have 3 pokemon but only Sneak is with me.
Armand: Bianca wait, you still have my other two pokemon! BIANCA!!!
But Bianca had already left
>.< I have to remember to ask her for them later. Ugh… oh well.

I go to Floccesy town, suddenly, someone calls me
Mysterious Voice: you there, trainer! My name is Alder! I’m a trainer with a keen interest in the world. One of my goals is to tell people about how wonderful it is to walk toward the future together with pokemon.
Alder was at the top of a tall mountain and jumped down to where I am… why do I keep meeting weird people…
Alder: and you are?
Armand: :/
I’m Armand

Alder: so you’re Armand from Aspertia city!
Armand: wha… I didn’t say I’m from Aspertia city…
Alder: your Snivy is a fine-looking pokemon but you’re not exactly a seasoned trainer yet
Armand: wtf… how would you know that if you’ve never seen me fighting? And just so you know, I just became a trainer a while ago
Alder: indeed! I’ll train you a little! Follow me!
Alright, with some training I’ll be able to beat up everyone who calls me weak just because I’m new.
Armand: ok, let’s go!
I follow Alder to Floccesy city.
Alder: oh, that’s right! Armand, are your pokemon well? You must always be kind to them
I’ve only spent a little time with Sneak, and the only activity we’ve done together so far is that fight with Tony… maybe is time to spend some quality time together. And Bianca still has my other pokemon…
Alder: my house is just a little farther, stop by the pokemon center first if you’d like.
I only have Sneak with me and I already healed him on Aspertia’s pokemon center, and Bianca hasn’t given me my other pokemon yet. I’ll go to Alder’s house now
Armand: damn… Alder left and didn’t tell me where his house is. He said is a little farther, guess I’ll have to walk around a bit.
After a while, I found him in… what seems to be a park
Armand: didn’t you say we were going to your house? Don’t tell me you live in the park…
Alder: hey, this way! Shall we start training?
Armand: way to avoid the question…
Alder: by the way, why are you holding two town maps? It’s your friend’s town map, is it?
Armand: how did you know that??
Alder: your friend is the one with the Tepig, isn’t he?
Armand: oh, you know him. Should have said it earlier
Alder: it just so happens, he was training his pokemon on route 20. Well, if that’s the case, you should go give him the town map first.
Armand: he doesn’t really need it, these maps are from our hometown
Alder: just follow this road. It goes to route 20
Armand: you’re not listening to me… oh forget it! Might as well get this over with
So, I was crossing a bridge, and some random kid challenged me in the weirdest way possible
Kid: you can tell how much your opponent wants to fight by looking into his or her eyes, don’t you think?
Armand: wtf?
The kid summoned a Patrat and sent it to attack me
Armand: hey what did I do to you? Fine, you asked for it! Go! Sneak!
It was like the fight with Tony: Sneak won by tackling the enemy two times… and again, he received a critical hit that almost takes him out.
Armand: hmm, it seems like Sneak learned a new attack: Vine Whip
Kid: wow! I could really tell you wanted to win!
Armand: wtf? I didn’t even want to fight…
Oh well, you asked for it. I beat you, so hand over your money. I have to take my pokemon to the pokemon center and you’re taking care of the bill.

The kid gave me 64 dollars
I went back to Floccesy city’s pokemon center. As I was walking, I couldn’t help laughing
Armand: LOL! That stupid kid doesn’t know that healing at the pokemon center is free! Ahaha!
Well, that’s what he gets for hurting Sneak.

I went to the pokemon center to heal Sneak
Armand: Now, again to route 20… ugh, that kid is still here >.<
When I’m near him, I start running, he didn’t see me
Armand: good, now let’s see… where to go… huh?
Another kid talks to me…
Girl: hey you, have you seen my cute pokemon? Take a look!
Armand: eh… sure?
The girl sent a Purrloin… and seems like they’re going to attack me…
Armand: ugh >.< fuck!
Sneak! Go get them!

Sneak just recovered from the previous fight so I didn’t want to send him, but I only had 3 pokemon, and Sneak was the only one with me because Bianca still hasn’t given me the other two…
Well, at least Sneak is getting stronger, this time he defeated the enemy with a single tackle
Girl: My Purrloin is cute even if it losses!
Armand: wtf is wrong with you??
Anyway, I told the girl she had to give me 64 dollars to pay for Sneak’s healing at the pokemon center. The girl gave me 64 dollars and I walk away laughing
Armand: LOL! People around here don’t know that healing at the pokemon center is free! Ahaha!
Sneak seems fine. No need to return to the pokemon center this time.
Another kid challenges me… again >.<
Kid: feel this boiling spirit! My Patrat is gonna amaze you!
Anyway, I send Sneak and beats him in one hit
Kid: Oh… this wilting spirit… it wasn’t supposed to end this way
Armand: wtf… anyway, hand over your money, I need to pay for my pokemon’s healing at the pokemon center and you’re gonna take care of the bill
Yea, I realized no one around here knows that healing at the pokemon center is free 8D more money for me
The kid gave me 64 dollars
Armand: huh? I didn’t tell you how much it was…
Everyone is giving me exactly 64 dollars… maybe there’s another center around here that costs 64 dollars.
Anyway, I continue walking
Man: come on! A kid without a single gym badge continuing on past here? Battle with the trainers and pokemon in this area, then battle some more!
I’m fucking sick of being attacked by everyone, and I don’t want to force Sneak to fight and fight without any rest… oh Bianca, why didn’t you give me the case with the 3 pokeballs when we met… why did you have to close the case and save it as soon as I grabbed one… >.<
I’m sick of being attacked, I leave the guy and go somewhere else. Hmm, seems like I’ve been here before. I’m on the bridge again AND THAT KID IS STILL THERE
I ignore the kid and I talk to a girl
Girl: pokemon battles begin when eyes meet! That’s a rule for trainers!
Armand: WTF??
Luckily for me, the girl doesn’t attack, maybe she’s not a trainer
Armand: “battles begin when eyes meet” is a rule for trainers? Who made that a rule?
Wait a second… that means… EVERY TRAINER I FIND WILL ATTACK ME
Oh well, it seems I’ve defeated everyone around here, and it seems I scared them because they don’t challenge me anymore. Good, now…

Then a wild Patrat appears in front of me. I keep walking. The patrat attacks me
Armand: hey wtf, what did I do to you?
Anyway, Sneak beats it in two hits. Took two hits because Sneak didn’t bother to lower it’s defense first. No problem.
Armand: hmm, Bianca has my other pokemon and I don’t know when will I find her again.
Sneak, I’m sorry you have to do all the fighting. Next time we find a wild pokemon we should capture it so you don’t have to do all the fighting, ok?

Now, what was I doing? Oh right, I’m looking for Tony. Now where do I go… I think I’m lost…

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4Armand's Diary Empty Re: Armand's Diary on Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:25 pm

After a while, I find the “Floccesy ranch”. I’m lost anyway so might as well check it out.
So, I explore a bit and I find Tony.
Tony: oh! Nice! You’ve come here to toughen up!
Armand: huh? In a ranch?
Tony: all right! Let’s see how much stronger you’ve become! Come at me!
Armand: fine
So, I fight with Tony. at least he asked me to fight, unlike those damn kids…
the first half of the fight is Sneak and Tepig lowering each other’s defenses. After a while, both of them attack. They’re both at half their HP.
Tony: Come on, partner! You’re stronger than that! Shrug it off!
Armand: we got stronger but you fought better than the first time. Seems you’re getting stronger too
Tepig faints with the second tackle
Tony: it can’t be! How could I have lost? I need to apologize to my partner…
Armand: hey, one of us had to lose, it happens.
Tony gives me 800 dollars
Armand: Tony, you’re my friend, you don’t have to give me money. And 800 dollars is too much…
Tony: not bad… you’re thinking about how to bring your pokemon’s strength, I should be able to count on you for backup!
Well, I’m not going to insist. If he doesn’t want his 800 dollars back, so be it
Tony: what are you doing here anyway?
Armand: I forgot
Tony: huh?
Armand: give me a second… let’s see… oh right! Take this
Tony: a town map?
Armand: yep, it’s from your sister, but is a map from our hometown
Tony: Tch… she didn’t have to do that…
Armand: I know
Tony: thanks to you, too. We just left, and you’ve already helped me out
Armand: so, you’re gonna sell the map?
At this moment some people walks in
Man: I thought it was lively around here! You were having a pokemon battle, huh?
Isn’t it nice to be young!

Armand: what does being young have to do with fighting?
Tony: who are you?
Man: who am i? I’m the owner of this ranch! And this is my wife!
Woman: after a pokemon battle, you should heal your pokemon’s HP, right? Here, I’ll give you this
The woman gave me a potion
Woman: and one for you!
The woman gave Tony a potion
Woman: It’s nice to have potions when you’re far away from a pokemon center
Man: by the way, you didn’t happen to see a Herdier around here, did you? I can’t figure out where it went.
Armand: yeah, it has been behind you all this time…
Man: Our two Herdier are always together and this is the first time one has wandered off, so I’m a little worried…
Armand: oh…
Tony: you’re a little worried? Are you KIDDING me? Your pokemon might be lost forever!
Armand: wtf Tony
Tony: whatever! I’ll look! Armand! Help out!
Man: why did he get so mad?
Armand: ehh…
Man: I think it’s probably just playing somewhere in the ranch
Woman: I wonder… by the way, dear, if your pokemon get hurt, let me know
Armand: ok
Woman: I’ll make them feel better for you!
Armand: that sounded so… eh… thanks
Woman: you and your pokemon look a little worn out...
Armand: well, yeah. we've been through a lot and...
Woman: rest here a minute, you won't get anywhere all tired like that!
Armand: rest where?
did the woman just touch me? my mind went blank and suddenly i started feeling really good.
Armand: th... thank you!!
Sneak too! the woman touched him and made him feel good too!
the woman's husband was right next to her, but he was looking somewhere else and he didn't notice. the woman touched us fast. Sneak and i were tired, but after the woman started touching us, we felt really good.
ah, how relaxing.
now, what was i doing? i forgot.
oh well, i'm sure i'll remember. now, what do i do now...

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5Armand's Diary Empty Re: Armand's Diary on Mon Oct 15, 2012 3:45 pm

Armand: Uhh… let’s see… Tony was here… I think. Eh… Tony was looking for something… … oh! The lost Herdier!
I remembered we were supposed to look for the man’s Herdier
Armand: ok, now, where do I go…
I start walking, in the same direction as Tony… which probably is a bad idea since we would be looking in the same place. Why did I do that??
Anyway, here I am, so let’s go
After a while, I found someone
Girl: let’s see who has the most admirable pokemon!
Armand: sure! Here, look at my…. Wait a second, why do you look like…
UGH >.<

Yea, once again I’m forced to fight randoms. FUCK!
Armand: hey wtf! she has 2 pokemon and I only have one of mine because Bianca still has my other 2… oh well, I’ll tell her I only have one pokemon
But it was too late, she already sent her Purrloin, oh well.
After a while, Sneak wins and also gains a new move: Wrap.
The girl sent a Sewaddle
Armand: hey wait! I only have one pokemon!
But the girl didn’t seem to stop
Armand: damn you…!
Sneak! Can you continue?

Just some seconds later, Sneak won again
Girl: even though we lost, my pokemon are still pretty admirable
Armand: yeah right… Anyway, give me my 64 dollars for the pokemon center
The girl gave me 96 dollars
Huh? Eh, I guess the more I fight the more I get paid.
Not good, the trainers around here have more than one pokemon and my other pokemon are still in the case… I’ll have to catch some wild pokemons sooner or later.
I found a wild Psyduck, should I catch it? I guess I should.
Sneak used vine Whip and killed it in one hit :/
Armand: we have to hold back a little if we want to catch them
Some time later, Tony talks to me… was he following me?
Tony: did Herdier… wander somewhere back here? Let’s have a look!
So, we go, and I find a man standing there, doing nothing, and when he sees me, he talks to me
Janitor: oh! I haven’t seen you before! Would you mind sparring with me?
Armand: finally someone asks me if I want to! But no, sorry. I’d like to but I’m busy right now and…
The janitor sends a Lillipup
Armand: WTF! Then why tf did you ask me if i want to if we’re gonna do it anyway?
Again, it was a 2-on-1 fight
The janitor sent a Mareep
Sneak won, but Mareep paralyzed him
Janitor: wow! Astounding! For one so young, you’re quite impressive indeed!
Armand: hey, I need to pay the medical bills for my pokemon, so…
The janitor gave me 240 dollars
Armand: wow! This is… eh, thanks!
Well, Sneak was paralyzed. Do they give me more if they do something to my pokemon besides lowering their HP?
I go back to see the ranch owner’s wife to make me and Sneak feel good again
I go back to where the janitor is, and Tony suddenly appears behind me
Tony: oh! Here! I’ll share something good with you!
Armand: damn, you scared me
Tony gave me a potion to heal paralysis
Armand: wtf…
After the woman already healed Sneak’s paralysis… oh well, I got something for free (again)… I hope
Armand: thanks
Tony: if your pokemon is paralyzed, use one of these on it!
… still, pokemon don’t just wander off on their own.

Armand: eh, they do. At least the wild ones do. How else would we catch wild pokemon?
Tony: in a worst-case scenario, it might be involved in some trouble!
I think Tony was talking about trained pokemon, not the wild ones
Armand: oh
Anyway, I keep walking and I meet a kid
Armand: excuse me, have you seen a Herdier around here?
Kid: you sure are unlucky to have run into someone as strong as me
Armand: wtf?
The kid sent a Patrat and a Psyduck, Sneak takes care of them in one hit each
Kid: I guess it was I who was unlucky to run into you
Armand: no, I just wanted to ask you something and you attacked me. Now fuck off!
I take 96 dollars from the kid and I walk away, then I meet a wild Psyduck
Armand: we should capture it, but try to hold back, remember what happened to the last one
… now that I think about it, why is it that we can’t capture fainted pokemon? And it makes even less sense considering that sleeping pokemon are in fact EASIER to catch
Oh well, it must be a problem with the pokeballs not detecting fainted pokemon or something…
Anyway, just tackle once, ok?

Sneak tackles once and the wild Psyduck’s HP drops to half
Armand: hmm… is that enough? Psyduck won’t survive another tackle… oh wait! The wrap attack!
Sneak! Use Wrap!

Sneak uses Wrap, then uses Wrap again
Psyduck faints
Armand: FUCK!
>.< we’ll try again later, let’s go find Herdier

Mysterious Voice: Yawrp!
Tony: did you hear that just now?
Armand: aah! Damn, Tony don’t scare me like that
Tony: I’ll check this area, you go deeper in the grove and look
I go and I find Herdier and a man
Herdier: Yaarrrp!
Tony: that cry! You found it! What a relief!
Armand: WTF
Tony are you following me again?

Tony: ok, I’ll go call it’s trainer, so you stay here with it!
Armand: why? There’s that man with it already
Man: tch… you little pest!
Armand: sorry, i said it because you were already here and…
Man: I’m a member of a group that strikes fear into the hearts of those who stand before it: Team Plasma!
Armand: huh? What does that have to do with the Herdier? Oh wait… that Herdier is standing against your team and they told you to eliminate it?
Man: ever heard of it?
Armand: your team or the Herdier?
Man: really? We’re the righteous group that tried to conquer Unova two years back in order to liberate pokemon!
Armand: so your team, could have just said it. Anyway, what do you mean with “liberate pokemon” ?
Man: whatever… fools will never understand us…
Armand: … you didn’t have to say that :’(
Man: still… first I got lost chasing Herdier… and now some nosy kid caught me!
Armand: wait what? Capture…? I’m just standing in front of you and I don’t really care about this, you can continue doing whatever you’re doing if you want
Man: all of this is your fault! Take this!
Sneak! Get ready for combat!

The man gave me a TM (TM 21: Frustration)
Armand: wha… weren’t we going to fight...? And wtf is this?
Man: ok! I’ll use this opportunity to retreat for now!
Armand: bribing me to get away… even though you were perfectly able to just walk away… and i already told you I had no intention of stopping you… not to mention you bribed me with something i don't even want...
The man walks away…
Armand: told ya, you could have walked away at anytime…
Herdier: Yap! Bwoof!
This wasn’t a common Herdier, apparently this one was a mortal enemy of Team Plasma, and this must be VERY serious if they went as far as to send one of them after Herdier to take care of it.
Kidnap? Kill? I don’t know, I just know they sent someone to take care of it
Ranch’s Owner: Herdier! What made you come all the way back here?
Well, at any rate, I’m really grateful for your help, you two!

Well, I had no intention of stopping Team Plasma, but the ranch’s owner doesn’t need to know ;)
Tony: you’re awfully calm about this! Your pokemon might have been gone for good! Take better care of it!
Tony nags the guy and leaves
Ranch’s Owner: hmm… I wonder if something happened to him… it’s like he’s afraid of losing pokemon…
Come on, Herdier, everyone’s waiting. Let’s go home!

And so this story ends. Now I’m at the ranch and I can’t catch wild pokemon because Sneak keeps beating them. Anyway, what am I supposed to do now…?
Eh, let’s see what do I have in my bag.
Xtransceiver: I think I haven’t used it yet. Let’s see…
I can only call Mom :/
Eh, what else?
Pal Pad: I have no use for it right now
Town Map: a map of Aspertia City, which i don’t need because i live there… but I have nothing else to do so might as well check it out. Let’s see…
Armand: HEY WTF?!!!!
This isn’t a map of Aspertia City, this is a map of the whole Unova Region!
WHO named this thing “TOWN map” ??? is it that hard to know what a town is????
Damn… this is Tony’s Sister’s fault, SHE TOLD ME IT WAS A TOWN MAP

After I calmed down, i walk away, without knowing where to go…

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