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Team Building Lesson #5- The Support

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1Team Building Lesson #5- The Support Empty Team Building Lesson #5- The Support on Sun Oct 07, 2012 9:48 pm

Prof. Leon Chance

Prof. Leon Chance
Pokémon Professor
Pokémon Professor
Congratulations. You've made it this far into my lessons without bludgening yourselves to death with the nearest blunt object. But I have good news for you. This is the final lesson on the types of pokemon in a team. Now keep in mind this isn't the final lesson, but none the less, it's a mile stone. The support is the final ingrediant to any team, and yet it seems most people don't know about them or don't find them nessesay to run, and I don't quite understand why. The can be offensive, defensive, and just all aound great. Now it could be because the lead and wall can also be a support, but to truely understand the inner workings of a support pokemon, I would like to examine some full on supports. And lucky you, you get another personal build. It must be your birth day. Team Building Lesson #5- The Support 2663348513 So sit on back and enjoy this next dose of Poke-Knowledge.

Team Building Lesson #5- The Support Cresselia
Item: Light Clay
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Bold
EV's: HP 252/ Def 148/ Spd 40/ Spe 68
Moveset: Reflect
Light Screen
Lunar Dance
Ice Beam/ Signal Beam/ Charge Beam/ Psychic/ Whatever

By the odd arangement of EV's and moves, you can probably tell this is the personal build. Now I tested this out for a while and got what I believe to be the key EV placement on her. I wanted her to be a bit tanky to survive hits as she sets up, but at the same time I wanted her to outspeed other supports or walls. I didn't invest much into her Spd because she has some decent stats there on it's own. This type of support is known as the waller support, because it sets up walls that will protect your team. Reflect decreases the damage taken by physical attacks, and Light Screen reduces damage taken by special attacks. And having light clay on her increases the duration of these attacks from 5 to 8. Lunar Dance, I have explained before with Healing wish. By sacraficing herself, you get to completely heal another pokemon of all status issues and bring him/her back to full health, without having to suffer from any entry hazards or oncoming attacks from the enemy pokemon that turn. And the last one is a toss up. You need some kind of offensive move on her, so just add what you need. I personally ran her on a sun team, where Dragon's were my biggest threat, so I ran Ice Beam. This all equals out to one epic floating pink moon bird thing.

Honestly, and you might find this to be lazy, but for another example, go read my other lessons. I have supports set up all over the place, including another personal set. I think the only place I didn't include one is the sweeper and revenge killer.

Supports are so freaking awesome to have, because whether it's setting up against the other team with entry hazards, protecting your team from being hit too hard, or healing you team back up, they will always be their for you. I'm feeling a little lazy so again, I have given you so many examples already, go read them. Find out some more good supports. You know, the rapid spin support: Forretress, The entry hazard support: Check out leads, The healing support: Blissey. Check em out, get some ideas. Go my children. Be free...... Until the next lesson of course.

Next Lesson: This one will just be an example team. It's not the best, it's not the worst, it's simeply a team I put together for the purpose of learning and how to utilize all the components of the team.

Team Building Lesson #5- The Support Gallade_LVX___SF_art_by_nintendo_jr
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