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Albae League's Guide

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Bloodie Boi

Bloodie Boi
Bloody Kiss
Hello Trainer!
You are probably overwhelmed by the amount of topics and groups we have. Let's talk about it step by step, so you can become a part of Albae in no time.

First things first. Let us know who you are!
An introduction is what every new trainer should post. We want to get to know you better. SO help us by clicking HERE

The second step for everyone is to create a character. To create a character go HERE.
You can post your newly created character in the Character Creation section.
If you have trouble creating your character's appearance check THIS out. It might be helpful.

Once you finish this step, you need to know that your Starter Pokémon is still in its egg! You need to hatch it before you can start working for your chosen team.
How to hatch it? Simple. By acquiring an Incubator you can hatch your Starter Pokémon!
Now you may think: Where do I get the Incubator?
Well, it's in the Pokémart.

Since you probably won't have enough Pokédollar right away, there's a few things that you can do before hatching your Pokémon.
Post a room in your selected Team section. HERE are all the Team's HQs.


You get Pokédollars for every post and topic you create. However, be careful, since not every topic and post give you Pokédollars.


CONGRATS! If you're reading this and completed every step before this one, it means that you are ready to learn more about Albae since you passed the "Beginner's Guide".
Let's jump to the next big section called:


Most of you should be familiar with Pokémon Online or PO for short. If you have never heard of it, then let me tell you about it.
Pokémon Online is a downloadable application which allows you to create your own Pokémon Teams and battle world wide!
Interested? HERE is the direct link to PO's download.

Anyway, in this section you can talk with other Trainers about your teams, strategies and anything else Pokémon related!
Our Professor provided you with some special Guides to help you create your own Pokémon team. Make sure to check them out right HERE.


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