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Duskin Charm

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1 Duskin Charm on Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:30 pm

Duskin Charm

Pokémon Trainer
Pokémon Trainer

Name: Duskin Charm
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Starter: Shinx
Region: Johto he says sarcastically Sinnoh
Looks: Hah, you make me laugh, even if I put one, only 3 prople would be able to see it, so I don't see a point in putting one, but if mandatory, it'll be my profile pic (ik it says we can write one but I'm too lazy)
Trainer Class: Trainer

Personality:He's very calm, quiet, and smart. He would rather read a book over most things. He would choose to watch the action rather than being in the action because he is very lazy. He is socially awkward, so when he tries to talk, he just can't think straight, so he ends up sounding like an idiot. He hates being watched while doing something or being depended on because he feels nervous and there would be more of a chance that he'd mess up.

Biography: He was hated by his parents, they never did like him. They thought he was stupid, he couldn't do anything. They wanted him out of their lives, so one day when he was 15, he ran away, figuring they'd be better off without eachother. A few days later he was walking through the forest when he just... Collapsed. He woke up a few hours later, surrounded by a pack of Luxray. They didn't look angry, so he didn't react. He just sat there as they stared at him, like he was a spaceship that just crashed, and everyone was staring at it, investigating it with their eyes. The yellow eyes gleamed at him for a few minutes before a large figure manifested behind the pack. They all moved out of the way, bowing to the figure as it leisurely made its way forward. Duskin stared at it as it came into view.

It was a Luxray, but nearly twice the size as the rest. It had a scar streaching from under its left eye, down to the right side of its mouth. Its mane was larger, and the hairs on its body looked shiny and bristled, as though rubbing your hand on it would cause the hairs to dig in and pierce your flesh. Its eyes were a luxurious deep golden yellow, and its jaw looked big enough to crush a full sized watermelon. It walked until it was but a foot away from Duskin as it stared into his eyes. It watched Duskin's every movement as its eyes appeared to pierce through him, and look into his souls, examining every mental scar, every little piece of info about him, and his intentions inside the forest. They stared into eachothers eyes for a good five minutes before the large beast growled in a low, deep tone. It quickly and fiercely jumped at Duskin, but he chose not o react. With all the things that had happened, Duskin was prepared to die with no regrets.

He closed his eyes and waited for the deed to be done. He smelled a strange, warm draft on his face that smelled like fish and other various meats. Upon opening his eyes, he saw a large mouth, that had almost eaten him, as though time stopped just before the deed was done. The draft was its breath, and Duskin sat there motionless. Why didn't it just bite off his head, he wondered. Duskin had no intention of stopping the Luxray from killing him, but it CHOSE not to. It stood in the position like that for a full minute, as if waiting for a reaction, like it was testing him for some reason, then withdrew its head and jaws. It stared at him only a half a foot away, and Duskin could still feel the breath being blown onto his face. It began to form something that looked like a smile and began to purr. It then cried out to the sky, then others joined into the chorus. It stopped and looked at him, as though it had decided what I would do for the rest of his life. Another adult male Luxray carried an egg in its mouth and carried it over to him, placing it directly next to Duskin.

The large one nudged it towards me and vice versa. He picked up the egg and stared at it, then he realized what just happened. The large one saw the pain he was in, and decided if he passed the test (which he did), they would give him an egg so when it hatched, he wouldn't be alone anymore, someone would want him around, and he would have a purpose. Duskin smiled and began to stand while holding the egg. All the Luxray were staring at him, and he realized just how big they were. All their heads were at the same height as his, except the large one, which he had figured was the leader of the pack. Duskin held out his hand to the leader, but began to break down into tears of joy, clutching the egg. The leader licked the tears off with a purr and nudged him to be strong and stand once more. Wiping the tears off with one sleave, he stood proudly once more holding out his hand. The leader put its paw on his hand and they shook. The other Luxray had given him some fruits to get started, which he put in his bag. He's been with that egg ever since, which is getting very close to hatching.

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